Our Simple Pleasures

celebrating life one moment at a time

t13tendrilsink.png13 things I am looking forward to this month:

1. My mom and dad are coming up to visit us tomorrow! They’ll be here until Monday!

2. Getting through Parent-Teacher Conferences still in one piece! Those are LONG 13 hour days…and I have three of them coming up! Ick.

3. Going to Illinois to visit my family for 4 days in the middle of the month!

4. Going to the pumpkin farm with my family and the little ones (during that trip to IL).

5. Punky turns 2!!!!! Where has the time gone?

6. Halloween…Punky is going to be a lion. (A cute one, too!)

7. Celebrating Mom’s, my brother-in-law’s, and Punky’s birthday all in one week!

8. Spending some down-time with my guys at night…

9. The Alpha classes at church on Monday nights. I REALLY like these!

10. Trying to get together with the gals to get crackin’ with some scrappin’!

11. Going up to the cabin one last time this year…

12. Going out for drives to see the beautiful fall colors!

13. Getting into my “Pumpkin” unit at school with my 8th graders….they love it!

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4 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen #21

  1. Hubby says:

    What do lions do? They ROAR, and then they…. lick!

  2. tendrils says:

    no…no…no…….*whispers* they BITE!

  3. Ellen says:

    Nice TT list. Enjoy!!

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