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Busy day at work, as I’ve been trying to “catch up” from being gone during the workshop week.  I did get much of my “organization” done for the year today as far as my caseload kids and all of their information goes.   I had lots of fun with my label maker and file folders.  I get some sort of sick pleasure from getting orrganized at school.  [I know, Hubby, you wish I had that same sickness at home!]

My students were pretty mellow today as routine starts kicking in.  I am thoroughly enjoying my kids in my classes!   They are great kids!

After school, I spent quite a bit of time talking with people who stopped in to my room to “see how I was doing…”   Then, I went to pick up Punky and headed home to meet “Bacca!”  (Grandpa) who was coming over for dinner.

Punky, Bacca, and Hubby had loads of fun in the backyard while I got dinner ready (and Hubby grilled the burgers).   Then Hubby, scooted to choir practice at church.  Bacca and I worked on memorial thank you notes while Punky tried so hard to get on my lap.  Then, Punky took a bath and got ready for bed.  Bacca went home, and Punky went to sleep!

I have been working on a few things for school since then…but I am fading fast, so off to bed I am going…

one more thought…

Mom and I talked today about how C-A-N-C-E-R seems to be ALL around us right now!   My mother-in-law, Miriam,  was quite the fighter until the end, two weeks ago.   My uncle continues to combat his battle each day.  I was saddened by the news on Monday that Amy Wilhoite had passed away.   My friend’s daughter, Karen,  continues to fight her battle, but has now been told that nothing more medically can be done for her.  A little girl, McKenna,  at the elementary school across the street wages her battle boldly each day.  And, of course, there is Heather who bravely fights each and every day.   So, many of Mom’s friends are also waging the war on their cancer.  It’s such a scary and ugly disease.  All of these people are in my daily thoughts and prayer… These people are amazing in their strength, determination, and courage.  We must remember that although cancer is evil………

It can’t cripple love  
It can’t shatter hope
It can’t corrode faith
It can’t eat away peace
It can’t destroy confidence
It can’t kill friendship
It can’t shut out memories
It can’t silence courage
It can’t invade the soul
It can’t reduce eternal life
It can’t quench the Spirits
It can’t lessen the power of the resurrection.

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One thought on “That C word.

  1. Grandma Knock Knock says:

    The little can’t list is inspiring….to all of us who feel so helpless watching at the sidelines of other’s battles ….but after thinking about it …strangely, we are helping by praying, supporting and being cheerleaders.

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