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ok, so I know I should blog a huge long post on what has been happening in our lives the past week or so.   It’s been tough since my mother-in-law passed away….2 weeks ago tomorrow.  It still doesn’t seem real.

We met at the house to clean out some things over the weekend.  We hit the bathroom, the bedroom, and her 2 other closets of clothes!   It was amazing all she had!   And everything is so beautiful!

She had drawers and drawers of letters and cards that she had been given over the years.   I packed all of them up, and we have them now.   We’ll go through them when there is more time.   She had letters from her mother back when she first married…..50 years ago!   We can’t wait to start reading some of them!   I’m sure we’ll learn a lot!

The little things are what have been bothering me the past few days…  I went to the chiropractor to get adjusted today, and I picked up her things that she had left there.   She was getting ready to retire from that office……the day of her funeral would have been her last day of work.   Getting her things all in a bag hit me HARD.

After I left there and ran an errand to pick up a few supplies for my classroom, we headed over to church to start the Alpha course at our church.  This is a course that looks at the meaning of life and Christianity.   This is the 2nd run of this course at our church.   The first one ran in June and July.  My mother-in-law and father-in-law attended it, and we were going to do the fall course (being offered now) while they watched Punky.  One of my many conversations with her before she passed away was about Alpha.   She regretted not being well enough to watch little Punky while Hubby and I went to Alpha.  I told her that was ok…..and we were still going to go to the classes when they started in September….and the church was providing child care those nights, too!    So, we headed off for church to fulfill that promise to her.

It was an amazing evening!   I can’t wait for next week!   I thought of her MANY times during the evening, but I found peace in knowing that she went through this course before she passed away.  It answers lots of questions….and asks even more!!!!!  It really makes you think about life, God, your purpose, and meanings you have found in life.    I know the course raised many questions for her, but she enjoyed it so much and learned so much about her spirituality as well about life itself.

I could go on for days and days tonight….but I can’t.  I am tired…….this whole back-to-work thing is cramping my style!   Hahahhaa!   Just kidding!  I just wish I could still stay up late…..1 or 2 AM and then sleep until 8:30 AM!    But, I guess public education isn’t ready for those kinds of hours yet!   🙂

Good night…

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2 thoughts on “Tough days…

  1. Babystepper says:

    I’m glad you’re being able to keep your spirits up through all of this. I hope your Alpha class provides both of you with the extra strength and wisdom you need right now.

  2. tendrils says:

    Babystepper- Thank you! I really enjoyed the class! Have you taken it?

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