Saturday PM

God is gently and quietly calling her home this evening… she is slipping so quickly away from us, but we know this upcoming separation is only temporary…we will see her again.

It is so sad to watch her go through this, but tonight Peggy, the hospice nurse, was able to get her fairly comfortable.   Pastor Debra was also with our family for awhile tonight too.

Please continue your prayers for us.    I will keep everyone posted… I left there about an hour ago (at 11:30 PM).  I had to get back home for Punky.   (A huge thank you for my sister and her husband for all they have done for us this weekend when they were here visiting us from IL!  There are no words to describe how much you being here meant to us…especially tonight as you were here to put Punky to sleep so we could be at Hubby’s Mom and Dad’s house!)

5 thoughts on “Saturday PM

  1. There arent words I can say that will make any of this go away, but please know we love you both, and hold you high up in our prayers. Know that He is listening, and that He feels every tear.

  2. I am so sorry – how hard to see her have such a hard time. You illustrated what a wonderful woman she was with all of your words. You all are in my prayers.

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