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I headed into school today for 2 meetings I had.  It was nice to be back and fun to see everyone again….I just am not sure where the summer went!   🙂

On one of my breaks, I called Mom to check in on her.  It made me so sad.  When I am there in person helping her, I don’t dwell on the fact that she is becoming weaker and more and more tired…I just do what has to be done to help her and keep going.  However, on the phone this morning she sounded so tired and weak, and it sounded like she had started slurring her words.  She chatted with me for a bit, and then thanked me over and over again for all I had done for her these past couple of weeks….and then I had to get back into my meeting.

I finished up with the meetings and headed into my classroom to start getting some of those naked walls covered with colorful posters and banners.    I worked for about an hour then headed to daycare to pick up Punky.

Hubby and Punky went over to Mom and Dad’s for dinner while I went to Weight Watchers with KellyJo.  I hit the -20 lb mark tonight!   Yippeee!!!!

Anyway, after we weighed in, Kelly and I went out for dinner as neither of us had eaten.  After dinner, Kelly graciously offered to take me over to Mom and Dad’s so I could see them today and then meet up with Hubby and Punky.

I don’t even know how to explain it.  Mom was so much different than yesterday!   She had a hard time coming up with words.  She struggled with relaying her appointment times for tomorrow to us.  She really sounded like she was slurring her words at times.   She looked REALLY tired, and her coloring was a bit off.   She did much more dosing off while people were there visiting tonight than she ever has.   I hope she sleeps well tonight…I think good nights of sleep for her dictate what kind of day she has the next day (as I suppose this is very true for any of us, but it’s quite magnified with her these past few days!)

I forgot to blog about something from yesterday that really hit me quite hard.   I sat down at the kitchen table to talk with Mom and Mabel while I ate my lunch, and teh topic of siblings came up and how many was a “good” number.   Mom told Mabel about how my sister and I would pick on our little brother…and Mabel commented that they should have had a third sibling…that would have been fun!  I threw in that I liked growing up with three…Mom quickly commented that perfectly spaced kids are 2-3 years apart…and then I got “the look.”   I told her we were working on that!!!!  Punky will be 2 in October.   She said that Hubby and I needed to get out and relax and enjoy some time together… and that she would be more than willing to babysit…BUT.   She stopped and said that this was the hardest part of her getting so sick is that she’ll never be able to watch Punky for us again.   I wanted to cry as MANY THINGS went racing through my head.   She’ll never put him in his jammies again….never snuggle up with him and Blue before bed…Never put him in his crib again….never go through the whole bedtime routine…and never rock him in his rocking chair in the bedroom.  I didn’t cry then…but Hubby and I shared many tears last night before bed.  It is all so very sad to watch her go through this…

Please continue to keep us in your prayers….and thank you for all you’ve done for our family!   🙂

I think I will forego school tomorrow and head back over there for a bit.  My sister and her family will be driving in tomorrow sometime….so I’ll need to get back home at some point.

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