Our Simple Pleasures

celebrating life one moment at a time

I am a bit tired, so this may be short.  🙂

I spent most of the day over at the house again.   (Actually, I got there at noon and left at 8:30 PM)   Mom ate a little bit for breakfast and lunch…not too much.  I did some grocery shopping for them so there are easy and QUICK meals in the freezer that can be heated up for anyone who is over there at meal time.   I also bought everything for them to enjoy the 40 clove Chicken recipe tomorrow night!   I am serious….if you have never tried this……you need to!   This chicken is AMAZING!  I don’t make the gravy as that has WAY too many calories in, but the chicken doesn’t need it!   It’s the tenderest chicken you will ever have!   After it cooks in the crock-pot, you lift it out, and it just falls right off the bones!   It’s really amazing!   (And NOT garlicky at all!)

Anyway, after I got there, I unpacked the groceries and sat and talked with Mom and Mabel while I ate my lunch.   Mom then went into the living room to take a nap.  Mabel and I cleaned up the kitchen and I got the chicken all ready for them to take out of the fridge and plug in tomorrow morning for supper tomorrow night!

Then, we went exploring around the house in search for a better answer to a table/lamp combo that was by Mom’s chair.  All of her things were quickly outgrowing the space!   So, we thought we had an idea, but that didn’t quite work out, so we headed out to the store!  (but, first, I had to stop and get tabs for Hubby’s license plates as he got a ticket 2 weeks ago since his are expired!)  After that quick stop, we got gas in my “mom-mobile” and headed to Super Target!

It was quite a feat trying to find the perfect solution…but we decided on a 2 shelf bookshelf then a small desk lamp (for when she reads her books, her devotions, and her mail).  We went in search of a size B light bulb to fit in the new lamp….and that was an adventure!   After a long while, we found what we were looking for….and started to head out when we remembered she needed a garbage can in her area….as we thought the brown paper bag just wasn’t going to do the trick!   So, we plodded down to that side of the store and decided on one that looked really neat with her newly painted walls in the living room!

After checking out, we took the long detour back to the house as the road construction for the city sewer installation has just about every road near their house blocked off!  It’s rather annoying!  Anyway, we got back and Mabel made dinner while I put the bookshelf together.  Brian & Donna also showed up to install a new hand-held shower head in the shower so Mom has an easier time washing her hair.  (it looks nice!)  Brian helped me finish up the bookcase assembly…and we got it all into place.

Punky and Hubby also were there by this time….so the house was pretty full, but we had a good time!

Mom was pretty tired when we all went home.

A big THANK YOU to Mabel again for staying up here a few days!   I’m going to miss her when she heads home!   The 2 of us doing things around the house is pretty humorous!    I really have enjoyed our time chatting over the past week!  (Although I wish it were due to different circumstances!)

I am tired and need to get a few things done around this house…so I am signing off…..I think I’ll be at school tomorrow attending a few meetings I have, but Brenda is coming up for a couple of days to be with Mom.  My sister and her family will also be arriving tomorrow night from Illinois.  We’ll be hitting the MN State Fair on Saturday with teh 2 boys!   It should be fun…and interesting!

Thanks again for your thoughts, kind words, cards, emails and calls!   All of you are so important to our family! THANK YOU!

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