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What a busy day!   I called in to school to see if I could get into my classroom and they told me I could get in today and maybe Friday, but Friday, my sister and her family will be here to visit…..so I had to go in today and WORK on getting my classroom ready!

I got LOTS of boxes unpacked…..my furniture arranged the way I want it, and the books sorted.   I must have over 2000 books in my classroom!    After 6 1/2 hours, I started to put books into the bins and on shelves….but I was hot and hungry…and the custodians were locking up teh place, so I had to leave.

I went to pick up Punky from daycare and then KellyJo, Punky, and I headed over to Chris & Rob’s for “Ha Da’s” (hotdogs) and “Choo-Choo’s”   (trains).  Then we headed over to Trader Joe’s for some shopping!   🙂   We dropped KellyJo off at her house around 7PM and then headed out to visit “Grandma and Bacca!”

Mom said she had a good day.   She had slept some in a different recliner, and that seemed to hurt her lower back a bit….so she was resting comfortably in her recliner when we got there.  Punky gave her his “Bloon” (balloon) he got from Trader Joe’s and we brought her some soup.  She has only really been eating fresh fruit and soup, plus her protein shakes.  She just doesn’t have an appetite for much.

Punky made her laugh quite a bit tonight as he ran between “Bacca” (grandpa), grandma, and Mommy with huge hugs and kisses!  He thought this was hilarious and giggled the whole time!   We left a little after 8 so that she could rest and so that Punky could get a bath and get to bed…

I am heading over there in the morning so that Dad can go out and do some grocery shopping.   Peggy, the hospice nurse will be coming at 11:30 AM, and then Pastor will be over there to visit at 2 PM.   Mom asked me if I’d stay for the nurse’s visit, so I’ll be over there a bit tomorrow.  (Which works out perfectly as I can’t get to my classroom tomorrow since they’ll be waxing the hallway floors!)

Thank you again for all of the kind emails, notes, calls, etc.  We sure are blessed with quite a support system!  Please keep them coming…along with those prayers!

4 thoughts on “Monday update…

  1. imhelendt says:

    Tendrils- We put Pop is a hospital bed. He was SOOOO much more comfortable but boy did he resist it at first. She could raise and lower the height and the back. I’m sure she’ll resist. But she would be WAY more comfy.

  2. imhelendt says:

    One more thing, get her on video. WITH Punky. Talking and interacting. So he has something to que his memory because he is so young. I tried to get my husband to do this when he was losing his family members to cancer and he was afriad of making them uncomfortable or it being awkward and a host of other excuses. So there’s no video of them. And now that they are both gone, he wishes he had it. After awhile you start to panic that you’ve forgotten what their voices sound alike. You miss their mannerisms. Take the video. You will cherish it after their gone. I just made an hour long video of my grandmother talking about getting married, having kids, stuff we did together, etc. It seems ghoulish to do it, but you won’t regret it having this little piece of them preserved forever….

  3. imhelendt says:

    Lord. I should have reread that with my typos and their instead of they’re. Sigh. Sorry. Kids screaming, mayhem breaking out and I was tryign to speed type….

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