Our Simple Pleasures

celebrating life one moment at a time

Mom had a great day today!   She  slept in her bed last night and got ready this morning while Mabel was still there.  Mom’s  awesome friend Mary flew in from Denver to visit her this weekend!   We pulled into the driveway as Mary was getting there this AM.    Mary wanted to see Punky, so we stayed briefly then let the 2 of them visit!   Mom had a great time!   She had some chicken noodle soup for lunch with Mary.   I think they visitied for a few hours before Mary left to let Mom rest some.  She did take a nap this afternoon.

We went back there this evening after supper to visit again.  Punky was pretending to spray all of us with his play fire truck……Mom got a kick out of that!  (It made Punky giggle a lot too!)

Mom is going to try the night tonight with none of us staying over night.  She has had 2 good days now, is breathing much better, and has been getting around better when she is up.  Mom or Dad promise to call us tonight if they need help.   We thought it might be better to just go on an as-needed basis with the overnights for now….that way we’re not ALWAYS in their house and that gives Mom and Dad some time alone!

Mary is heading back over tomorrow to visit again before she leaves to go back to Denver, and we’ll head over there again some time tomorrow…

Thanks for the visit, calls, and cards!  They all sure mean so much to Mom and she loves hearing about how everyone is doing!

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