Our Simple Pleasures

celebrating life one moment at a time

Today was a good day!   Mom showered on her own today, and then needed help getting dressed.   She ate breakfast, lunch and dinner.  She started to tire after lunch, but never really got a good nap in, so when we went back over there tonight she was really tired!

This afternoon her new liquid oxygen tank was delivered to the house.   This means that she’ll have a very small portable oxygen machine for when she leaves the house.  The new one sure beats the huge tank we had to use yesterday!!!!   🙂   She also got a shower chair delivered today.  She doesn’t need it at this point, but we talked her into getting it just in case she gets short of breath in the shower at any time and would need to sit down to rest.

On Monday, her hospice nurse, Peggy will be calling to set up a time to come over and check things out.  She also needs to “train” us officially  on the new oxygen pump and how it works.

Some pain killers were delivered today as well, but the nurse just wants them at the house in case at some point Mom would need them.  She hasn’t been taking any drugs at all…just her daily supplements!  Again, her strength amazes me!

Some of us were a bit leery about how today would go, as last time her lungs were aspirated, it didn’t last more than 24 hours before she experienced more discomfort, but knock on wood, she was still doing well when we left there at 9:00 tonight!   She doesn’t feel any pressure building up again!   🙂 YEAH!

Punky was over there quite a bit today as I didn’t have daycare for him today.  He had painted and drawn pictures for Grandma at daycare yesterday, so we hung those above her chair in the living room!   🙂    We also took a brief afternoon walk with Aunt Mabel to check out all of the construction tractors, CATS, Bobcats, etc from the sewer installation process on their street.  Punky loved that!!

I feel like this update is all over the place, I guess that happens when you are tired…..coherent thoughts just don’t come!

I am off to bed…Mabel is staying over tonight…but we have yet to figure out tomorrow night… we really need to start pacing ourselves…at this rate, we’ll all be burned out and of no use to Mom!

Keep those prayers coming!

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