Our Simple Pleasures

celebrating life one moment at a time

just checking in…. I am still on the planet!   This garage sale has been phenomenal……..but I am dragging my butt……it’s been hotter  than you-know-where sitting out in the garage the past 2 days…… there really are no words to decribe how hot that afternoon sun is when it pelts down on the driveway…scorching all in its path!

one more half-day on the sale………..and then I promise……I’ll come back and write a bit more frequently!

Categories: life

2 thoughts on “still here….

  1. Lois C says:

    It is sos great that you are keeping us posted. We are thankful to hear that things are going better and Miriam seems to be more comfortable. Is there anything we can do to provide meals or to help in any other way? I hope you will feel comfortable just picking up the phone and calling me if there is anything at all I can do. Please extend our love and best wishes to Ken and Miriam and let them know we care and are continuing to pray for them. Take care of yourselves as well. Much love, Lois and Earl

  2. parry jahnke says:

    Thank you for the continued updates. Miriam is always in our thoughts and prayers, and now I think of her many times each day and wonder how she is doing. Let her know her nephews family in Estonia is thinking about her and praying for her daily. Let her know I appreciated all the Saturday mornings at the lake waking up to the fabulous smell of pancakes. Take care…..Parry for Solveig, Liselotta, and Tristan.

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