Our Simple Pleasures

celebrating life one moment at a time

Hubby found a perfect little apple that prematurely fell off of our Honey Crisp apple tree. He polished it up with his shirt and took a small bite. He said it was “tart.” He also offered me a bite. It took the spit right out of my mouth it was so sour! Ick. Punky wanted to try it, so Hubby gave it to him. Here he is…..Mr. Punky enjoying his little apple—-just his size! (Just looking at these photos makes me shudder! That apple was so sour!)

This next picture shows him as he was transferring his apple from his mouth to the “trunk” of his car where all of his treasures go……but midway through the switch….he took another bite!

Yuck! I don’t know how he ate that thing! The following picture is the apple in Punky’s treasure trove…..the “trunk” of his Cozy Coupe Car! Ick!

One thought on “Punky’s “Perfect” Apple

  1. Melissa says:

    It looks like the perfect treasure for his trunk 🙂 My son Dominic loves all things sour.

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