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In Honor of my Thirteenth Thursday Thirteen, I thought I would recap my past 13 entries!

****** After compiling this list, I OBVIOUSLY cannot count to 13 from week to week! As this is in fact my Thursday Thirteen #18!!!!!!!! Good grief! It’s a REALLY Good Thing I DO NOT TEACH MATH! 🙂 Hehehheee! Enjoy!

  1. 13 of my Favorite Books
  2. Thirteen Reasons why I love being Punky’s Mommy
  3. Thirteen Places I would rather be today…
  4. 13 things to do tomorrow on my “Snow Day…”
  5. Thirteen Random Great TV Shows
  6. Thirteen Things That Relax Me
  7. Thirteen Reasons I am Looking forward to SUMMER – when I can:
  8. Thirteen Blogs I visit daily
  9. Thirteen Things I did over Spring Break (So far)
  10. 13 Things About My Dad
  11. In memory of those who tragically had their lives taken from them this past week at Virginia Tech.
  12. Thirteen Things on my To-Do List today
  13. Thirteen GREAT novels for middle school kids!
  14. 13 household items/products I couldn’t live without
  15. Thirteen Things about People that Annoy Me
  16. 13 “Punky-isms”
  17. Thirteen Things I Love about Hubby

Ok, now someone help me out next week and remind me that I am on #19 next time!!!!! LOL!

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6 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen #13?

  1. Christine says:

    A good way to get people to read your posts. Have a great weekend, XINE

  2. Lisa says:

    I loved The Red Tent, the HP books, and have My Sister’s Keeper on my list. I’ll have to check the rest of your lists too.

    My list is up too!

  3. Ben Clapton says:

    Love it! Especially the fact that you can’t remember how many posts you’ve made. Great Idea.

  4. Betty says:

    That was a great idea to recap what you’ve listed! I worry sometimes I’m going to repeat myself! Also love to read other people’s booklists for ideas–I’m a bookworm myself!

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