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Thirteen Things I Love about Hubby

  1. Parts of his body…come on….I was talking about his cute little ears, his smile, and his eyes……and of course that beautiful singing voice of his!
  2. His laugh, his puns, and his sense of humor…
  3. He’s thoughtful, sweet, sincere and sensitive…
  4. He’s a FABULOUS dad! I love watching him with Punky! They just adore each other!
  5. He’s my favorite person to watch movies with! (Plus he alwasy cries at the end of It’s A Wonderful Life…sweet!)
  6. We pray together daily and read The Upper Room together each night. Punky has now learned how to say Grace before dinner. He’ll hold our hands, bow his head (but still peak at everyone) and occasionally chime in on “Amen!”
  7. He works hard at everything he does.
  8. Our traditions we have as a couple and as a family…popcorn nights, baseball nights, The Oscars, game nights, etc.
  9. Our relaxing time at the lake together during the summer……I now love to watch him teach Punky about everything up at the cabin!
  10. He lets me warm up my fingers on his tummy and my toes on his toes. 🙂
  11. He lets me sleep in on some weekend days! (And yesterday……I slept until 10:00 AM! Yikes!) He cooks me breakfast on weekends too!
  12. We go to church together…
  13. He’s my bestest friend and I love spending each and every day with him!

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5 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen #12

  1. ammie says:

    Sounds like you are truly blessed with your husband. What a very sweet list.

    Thanks for visiting my TT today!

  2. GRRR! The above comment was made by me–logged into a now defunct profile.

  3. Nancy Liedel says:

    I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about why my marriage works. I think your number two is the perfect wording. A sense of humor.

  4. The 2 Witches says:

    What a sweet Th13 post. He sounds like a keeper!!

    mama Kelly

  5. Vader's Mom says:

    Sounds like you found a good one!

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