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10 Occupations You Wanted to be When You Were Young

  1. A Teacher
  2. A cement layer (Don’t ask …..but I was enthralled by these guys when they came to do work on mom and dad’s house addition when I was in high school!   I thought it was so cool!)
  3. A stay-at-home mom.  I loved the fact that MY mom was the mom on the court that was home for everyone! I still wish I could do that too…
  4. A lawyer.   I really wanted to do this when I was younger!   I couldn’t fathom it now, but I used to!
  5. A business executive….again….not sure what I was thinking but I did think about it!
  6. A kindergarten teacher – yeah…..never gonna happen!   I’ll take my 8th grade students ANY day over a room full of ankle biters!  (God bless Kindergarten teachers!)
  7. A cashier – I used to love watching the grocery cashiers ringing up Mom’s order when I was a kid.   I tried the cashiering thing as  a part-time job my first year teaching……..now the self-check out lines fulfill my need for this type of work!   🙂
  8. A waitress….I always use to pretend with my sister that we were waitresses.   Yeah……I never tried this out.  I’d be afraid that if someone ticked me off, I’d just “accidentally” spill their coffee in their lap!
  9. A librarian – I always thought I’d love to be around books…..I was right…I am still around books as a reading teacher.   I still think this would be a cool job……IF in the right place!
  10. A computer programmer – I used to LOVE sitting in elementary class and programing those old Apple IIe computers to make cool designs by plotting each and every square on the screen!  It was even cooler when I learned how to do it in color!

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2 thoughts on “10 on Tuesday #12

  1. I wanted to be an astronaut or a librarian.

  2. Patois says:

    Another aspiring librarian out there. Shows how much we all like books. I couldn’t remember my aspirations so I cheated and showed what my kids want to be. I like your #2 especially!

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