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let me tell you all about how frustrated and pissed off I am right now!

Punky adores Grandma Knock Knock and all the things he does with her when we are in Illinois visiting.  I feel terrible that we will not be there this weekend for Mother’s Day!   So, I went in search of the PERFECT Mother’s Day gift to give her from Punky.   I found it…and ordered it online on the afternoon of May 2nd.

This morning, I was talking to my mom, aka Grandma Knock Knock, and asked if she had gotten teh box yet. Her reply, “Nope.”

So, I frantically signed into my email account when I got to school this morning in search of that confirmation email you always get after you’ve placed an order online.

I found it, and went to the website and entered the order number to track it.   “There is no record of that order.” was displayed on my screen.   WHAT?!?!?!?   I had a confirmation email!!!!!  So, I called the 1-800 number to speak to a person.  I thanked God profusely when I got a LIVE person  within a minute or so.

I gave her my order number, my billing zip code, my name, and she could not pull up any order.   I then forwarded her the email I had received, and she was dumbfounded as to why there was no record of this order.  She said it should have shipped out 2-3 days after I had “ordered” it and my mom should have received it!  (Exactly what I was thinking…)

So, she created another order and explained that it would be there next week some time.   This infuriated me.   I asked about overnight shipping and the fact that they should pay for it.  She said she agreed with me but she couldn’t do that as this was coming out of another warehouse.  😦    So, she did give me a 20% discount on the order.   BUT, my point is that the gift should have been delivered by now!  And now, I feel like a dork because Grandma Knock Knock doesn’t have her gift in front of her…….or her little cherub, Punky for Mother’s Day.


4 thoughts on “frustration… *scream* *pull hair out*

  1. UGH! I hate when that happens and then they’re like “too bad for you”. There really needs to be better customer service in this world!

    Anyway, former neighbor, of course I go to Super Dawg!!! How can anyone live here and not go there???!! The cute little hot dogs on the roof make you want to just drive right in there!!! It’s actually just a bit down the street from me on Milwaukee….I’m right by Golf Mill Mall…..

    Jessica The Rock Chick

  2. kellyjo says:

    How frustrating!!!
    I know your mommy will understand,but that does not make less frustrating.
    I hope you have a
    HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Momo says:

    that is okay… I can wait…

    Grandma Knock Knock knows Punky loves her…and thinks about her.. even if we are so far apart…

    chill and have a good mother’s day …you are a good mommy and daughter…

    be talking to ya!!

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