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Today is Teacher Appreciation Day.   We were invited to a breakfast (donuts, scones, eclairs, etc. juice, coffee) where we got corsages and a little gift (a new Lanyard for our keys and ID Badges).   Star Serve (kids club like student council) gave us each a huge Hershey bar and a cute poem.   I passed on the goodies at the breakfast and even gave my Hershey bar away (chocolate can be evil when I’m left alone with it at 1:00 in the afternoon!).   But I did take my corsage and my new lanyard.   I even put both of them on today!

During 1st hour, we received an email update from our Union about negotiations and the upcoming last few weeks of the state legislative session.   This is how the email started out:

Levy Renewal:  It’s been five years and our main school funding levy is set to expire.  An excess levy is money raised through local property taxes and needs voter approval.  Despite its name, this funding is anything but “excess”.  The levy provides 25 million dollars in funding – a significant portion of our budget.  Without it, we could lose almost 500 teachers, five schools, major program components and more.  It is in everybody’s interest – staff, community members, and above all, students – to renew the levy in November.  Over the next couple of months, the school board will be holding more hearings, decide a cut list in the event the levy does not pass, and develop the specific questions that will be on the ballot this fall.  We will keep you posted at each step.  If you have ideas for passing the levy or for how the cut list should look, email us…


5 thoughts on “Teacher Appreciation Day

  1. Melissa says:

    Nice – what a crummy day to send something like that. 😦

  2. Jeanne says:

    “If you have ideas for…how the cut list should look?”

    Are they serious? Do they expect you to list the teachers you think should be fired??

    Happy Teacher Appreciation, folks!

  3. Carrie says:

    Hey. . thanks for the Hershey’s bar! I haven’t eaten it yet. . that 6 points or whatever you said . .kinda made me pause! (Like _I_ need the extra points!) 🙂 🙂

  4. Wow – that’s tough news to get on Teacher Appreciation Day. I wish I could vote for the levy from where I live!

    On another note, you gave up a chocolate bar? That takes much fortitute. I am impressed 🙂

    And thanks for visiting my blog…

  5. Bridget says:

    What a beautiful boy!!

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