twiddling my thumbs….

I am sitting on hold. The message that played when I began my journey (on hold) said that my wait time would be THIRTY ONE MINUTES!!! oh oh………a phone is ringing…. I am back. My call was answered after only 3 minutes!!! WHY WOULD YOU TELL SOMEONE 31 MINUTES if it were only THREE????????? And here, I thought I had a good post idea – to blog while on hold. Oh well…..on to my next “To Do Item…”

***Side Note:    I was calling the company I placed an online order with last night.  I entered all of my information, hit submit and then printed out the Order page for my records…..only to see that when I used the drop-down tool for my credit card expiration date, I had entered the wrong year !!!  But, in my short thirty second conversation with  the company, my card still went through and the payment was processed!  Scary!

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