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We had a great weekend in Chicago for my nephew’s 1st Birthday party! Our flight down to IL was uneventful (which is GREAT when you’re traveling with an 18 month old!). We went to my sister’s house to have cake on my nephew’s REAL birthday.

He was a riot to watch as he devoured his cake!

Then we headed to Mom and Dad’s house for some sleep. Punky woke up READY and eager to feed those ducks with Grandma! There weren’t many ducks….but Punky had fun eating all of their bread and calling for them with his duck call!

Punky had fun “driving” Grandpa’s car…

Then we went to my nephew’s Birthday party…


Came home and had some “family time” with my family…

Here’s the original three kids, spouses, and kids…

Ate dinner…  and the boys had more cake…

So, they ended up in the bath tub!

Grandma surprised me and took some really cute pictures of Punky on her little bench that she bought for the boys. Here is my favorite one…

On Sunday, Punky, me, hubby, Grandma and Grandpa headed to the park (after the morning duck ritual, showers, and breakfast). We packed up all of our stuff and headed to Chicago for SUPERDAWGS! (Yummy!) Then, Punky took a quick nap while we drove to see the progress on Mom and Dad’s condo before heading back to the airport. It was a whirlwind trip, but we had a GREAT time!




3 thoughts on “A whirlwind weekend!

  1. those pics are great, love the ones of the two little ones together!

  2. Momo says:

    it was fun and all too short but grandma knock knock and grandpa had a wonderful time also!!

    we are truly blessed!!!

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