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Thirteen Things on my To-Do List today

  1. I’m going to be gone from my classroom tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday, so I have to get going on planning my lesson plans for my sub.
  2. Run off copies of the activities (from The Outsiders) that my kids will need to do while I’m gone.
  3. Buy my nephew a card for his 1st birthday!
  4. Laundry….and I have LOTS of it! I should have started it over the weekend, but i just haven’t had the gumption to start it. I am a procrastinator!
  5. Frost Punky’s 1/2 birthday cake for tonight’s celebration.
  6. Make the Shrimp-Caesar salads and Sundried Tomato- Garlic Breadsticks for tonight.
  7. Pack Punky’s suitcase for our trip to IL this weekend.
  8. Pack the toiletries bag for our trip.
  9. Pack my stuff for the trip (I still have to figure out what I’m wearing to my nephew’s b-day party)
  10. Pack the “Activity bag” to keep Punky amused at the airport and on the airplane tomorrow.
  11. Give Punky a bath!
  12. Clean my bathroom. It’s a mess! I have so much stuff on my counter! I always feel like I need to clean up before I fly anywhere…..just in case something happens where other people would be in my house!
  13. Breathe! Inhale……………..exhale………… (I forget to do this sometimes!)

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9 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen #8

  1. Janne says:

    Busy, busy!

    You wouldn’t happen to have recipes for tonight’s supper would you? 😉

    Happy TT!

  2. Penny says:

    I need a nap just from reading that list! Have a nice time away from the classroom!

  3. amy says:

    Great list!..Hope you get everything done!!

    Dont forget to sign up for the Christopher family blogging scavenger hunt! Its going to be fun and we have added more prizes

  4. mitchypoo says:

    Wow, you sound busy! I’m tired just reading all that! Have a great trip. Happy TT!


    p.s. I moved from MN about 2 years ago. Some things I miss…like Culvers!

  5. Kuanyin says:

    Breathing will definitely be important for you today! 🙂 Happy TT!

  6. those breadsticks sound yummy!
    good luck getting everything done.

  7. Momo says:

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… just wondering who always made impossible lists like that up and managed also to get them all all done just because ya had to when you were growing up!!!

    Does oak …acorn…. ring a bell???

    Have a great busy night and see you tomorrow…

  8. Yes, do some of that breathing that is so good for busyness 😀

  9. Amy says:

    The Outsiders is one of my all time favorite books. 🙂

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