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So, I drove 2 of my colleagues and myself to downtown Minneapolis today for a workshop about NEW Young Adult Literature. It was an ok workshop, but I just couldn’t get into it. I liked how the presenter gave us many “booktalks” (to those of you NOT In the education world–that’s simply a selling-point ….commercial-like bit we do as teachers to try to SELL a book to our students to read! We don’t give away the endings….we just give them enough to want more!); however, then she went off on these project tangents, and I just couldn’t find much to take away from that….so I completed a masterpiece in my notebook. I drew bubbles! (See below)


That was how I passed the time while she spoke… We wanted to duck out a bit early as the afternoon was a bit painful to get through……….but of course, the agencies that put these sessions on are quite in tune to teachers and what we have learned from our students! So, they hold our “Certificates of Participation” until the last 30 seconds of the seminar! UGH! We headed out to the car with scowls on our faces as we were all tired…….cold (IT WAS FREEZING in there!) and annoyed.

As I approached my mom-mobile, I kept trying to use the keychain to unlock the doors so we could load our stuff in and FLY outta there! But the doors wouldn’t unlock! So, I used a key to get in the driver side and unlocked the doors. The automatic sliding doors wouldn’t open………..either would the trunk. Turns out……I had left a dome light on in the car while we were in that dreadful place! So, my battery was dead! 😦

There was a “Builders’ Convention” downstairs from our seminar. They were dismissed from their session when we were. HUNDREDS of men in HUGE pick up trucks were crawling around the parking garage. We must have asked over 70 of them if they had jumper cables. (I WILL NEVER TAKE MINE OUT OF MY CAR AFTER THIS DAY AGAIN!) I have a hard time believing that only ONE of those men had jumper cables! (Ok, there were two…….but the first one that stopped to help the three helpless women I swear was about 12 years old…….and probably shouldn’t have been driving……he hooked up the cables and got nothing…………..but even watching him,. I told him he was not connecting them right (I know he probably didn’t want to hear that from me, but he wasn’t!) He gave up and said he had to get going. (Probably because I opened my big mouth) BUT, I’LL GIVE HIM AN A FOR EFFORT! At least he tried to help us!)

**Side note here………..I had pulled in to the parking spot and was surrounded by parked unoccupied cars. We went to put the van in neutral so we could push it out a bit so the 12 year old could help us……..and we could NOT GET OUT OF PARK! After 10 minutes of poring over the owner’s manual, we learned that this is a “safety feature” and there is a lock on the steering column. So, one must pop open the “door” on the top of the steering column with a key or screwdriver, and when that is removed, another key slot in revealed (like a second ignition slot!). The key to the car MUST be in that slot before you can move the car out of park and into neutral when it is parked! WHAT?!?!?!?

The two cars next to my van (on the driver’s side) left, so we stood in those parking spots (royally pissing off people who were searching for parking spots!). We tried to explain that we needed these two “small” spaces to get a “jump”when we could find someone who would and could help us! (Again, this did not go over well…..we got many eye rollings and heavy sighs.)

The security guard guy at the parking ramp decided that we were causing enough of a backup and came to “help us.” Right……he directed a few cars around us then walked away! Never to be seen again (until we were driving out of the garage after this whole ordeal!) Nice….. 😦

We flagged down every single person/car that passed us and asked for jumper cables….none. Meanwhile, my cell phone is the only one that gets service in the parking garage (but yet, we don’t get service 1/2 mile from our house! but that is for another day…), one of my colleagues is trying to quickly arrange for her kids to be picked up from daycare. I’m trying to call Hubby for help 1) how to get the car in neutral and 2) ANY suggestions for getting us out of there!

Then this man gets out of his pick up a few “slots” down from us and says, “Ladies, I’m trying to get some sleep….what’s all this racket out here?” We asked if he had jumper cables and he said that depended on how badly we needed them! So, he drove over to our”reserved” parking spaces and CORRECTLY jumped the minivan! We could have all kissed him!!!!!! (But we didn’t!)

We thanked him profusely and pulled out of the garage…pissed at the world as we stewed over the fact that there was no way that only 2 people of ALL OF THOSE men had jumper cables! This whole ordeal took us over an hour! UGH! But THANK YOU SO MUCH TO the kind gentleman who helped us!

3 thoughts on “an afternoon from hell…

  1. mitchypoo says:

    One word…AAA! They get there quick and you don’t have to deal with stupid people!

    And regarding your question…I lived in Shakopee and I moved back to my home town in Southern California.

  2. Momo says:

    oh oh I don’t carry around jumper cables either anymore..think they are out in the garage somewhere.. never moved them back after the new car.. last May..have to look into that one!!

    sorry your day was so miserable…so ya had a bad day.. you sing a sad song…hope the weekend trip is better!!

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