Our Simple Pleasures

celebrating life one moment at a time

Saturday…oh what a day!   A good day!   🙂

Punky and I spent the morning shopping at Target for groceries, a baby gift for my friend Darci’s baby, and a few t-shirts with funny sayings on them for Punky.    We spent $200 total!   Yikes!   (I swear I never get out of there for less than a hundred……so I guess this just counted as TWO trips to Target!)

We came back home, and Punky played with his cars and trucks in the living room while I unpacked all of the groceries and put them away.   I also made his lunch…which he then inhaled.  (I fear ANOTHER growth spurt!)  Naptime… (Mommy snuck a nap in too… She was up too late last night!)

After our naps (hehhehehe!), hubby came home from the Church Clean-Up Day, and we all headed to the park.  it was absolutely gorgeous outside!!!!!!  We went down slides, swung on swings, played in the sand and watched a few guys hitting baseballs on the field nearby.   We had fun!

We got back home and I gave Punky a much-needed bath (after all that time in the sand!) and Hubby put all of our screens back on our 1st floor windows so we can open them up again!  We got pizzas from Papa Murphy’s for Punky, Grandma Miriam, and Grandpa Kenny for supper so Hubby and I could sneak out for a “date night!”

We ate dinner outside at Erbert’s & Gerbert‘s as EVERY single restaurant we tried had over 1 1/2 hour wait!   Then we headed over to the movie theater where we saw “The Queen.”  What a phenomenal movie!  Helen Mirren did a fabulous job as the Queen!  As I watched the movie (which is about the Queen during that week long period of time between the day Princess Diana was killed and her funeral the following weekend) I kept thinking that I was right along with all of the people in England who were so quick to judge the Queen and her absence (both physically and verbally) after the accident happened!  It just goes to show that until you know the WHOLE story, don’t be so quick to jump to conclusions!  What a great movie!

Now I am uploading photos of Punky to Snapfish so I have pictures to scrap tomorrow when the gals come over for scrapbooking!  I am excited!   🙂  and then I’m heading off to bed!  Adios!

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