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i am sad and bothered. another school shooting. i just watched a student video from the campus as shots were being fired. 27 shots were fired during this video. watching the video and listening to the audio puts chills down my spine. but….. during the shots being fired, there are several cops standing around outside of the building. At EVERY training I’ve been to and EVERY time I’ve spoken with a local police officer during our 5 required lockdowns, the cops are ordered to “eliminate the threat.” How do you eliminate the threat standing there? Someone is now being interviewd on CNN from LAPD. The guy actually said during the video, “They [the cops standing there] need to get their asses in the building…every second wasted standing could be another body inside…” My thoughts exactly as I was watching the student video! As of now…32 bodies including the shooter….could there have been fewer casualties?

Granted real-life situations differ greatly from lockdown drills…but it really bothered me as I sat and watched the video clip.

Virginia Tech School Shooting Video

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