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do you ever put something somewhere so you won’t lose it……….and when you go to get it, you have LOST it!   You can’t find it anywhere?????    That’s what has happened to my lanyard with my school ID, my classroom key and my building key!   I can’t find them anywhere!

I remember taking it off on Friday, March 30th when I got home from school and putting it somewhere so it would stay at home and not get lost when I left for Chicago later that day.

Well, I put it somewhere safe, that’s for sure!   Ugh…………….

Categories: life

One thought on “ugh……

  1. yearofbeauty says:

    I did that with my pedometer. I know that it’s in the house somewhere… but I’ve looked in all the obvious places and I can’t find it anywhere. I’m beginning to wonder if it went into the trash by accident!

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