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celebrating life one moment at a time

As I look back at those high school memories, I got to thinking today… (oh, oh!) I only talk with 4 people from my high school days! (Leah, Darci, Daisy, and Chaim) Isn’t that just how life works though——when you’re that age you think all of your friends will be your friends for life………..and I only talk to 4 now! 🙂 (Granted, they were my best 4…but all those people you grow apart from…seriously, if you really knew where everyone you ever met in your lifetime was……and what they are doing…..how much smaller would the world be? Talk about 6 degrees of separation! Just random spewing on my part….

Since I so thoughtfully posted the “3 musketeers” yesterday in our Army Sweats…I thought I’d share a picture of us on my wedding day…12 years later… Leah was in my wedding, and Darci made the trek to Minnesota while in the midst of moving back to the US from Germany.


I always think how truly amazing it is that we have stayed so close. Even though we don’t talk ALL the time, we could pick up the phone and talk like we never have been apart! Don’t ya just love friends like that? 🙂

(I thought if either of them happened to see their high school pictures posted online, maybe they wouldn’t mind as much if I should a more recent one, too!)


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