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Hubby was off from work today too…so we decided to get some spring cleaning done. (I’m not sure how much we got done, but what we did does look better!) I spent the time in the basement cleaning out the CRAP (that would be all of my PILES that I have dumped down there over the course of the last few months!). I threw out A LOT Of bags of garbage. Why can’t I just through this shit out when I get the mail each day and not let it build up?!?!?!?

Well, after a few hours of pitching……I was in the mood for some serious organizing…….so I cleaned up my scrapping area. That prompted me to then hang my Uppercase Living “Create!” sign above my scrapping desk. After that was on the wall……I thought, “Hey—I need shelves here to house some of this scrapping crap…” So, I got that bug up my butt….and couldn’t move past that point until I got my shelves!

Hubby had been up in the kitchen cleaning and uncovering science projects in the fridge from before we left on our short trip. We decided to eat lunch about 2:15 and then head to Trader Joe’s to check it out! (We ALWAYS bought wine there when we would visit the one in suburban Chicago, but since they opened a store in Maple Grove, MN, we decided to check it out……for groceries!

After buying a few things (Frozen asparagus spears, frozen green beans—they have the BEST! Baby-yo Yogurt — peach and pear for Punky) and mentally planning future menus (Yum….spinach pie!) we headed back home to get Punky from daycare.

Once we pick him up, we went to Target to get the rest of our grocery list items (I got a new cookbook in my “early” Easter basket in IL, so I am trying some new recipes this week! I’ll keep you posted!) and those damn shelves!

After Target, we got home, and while Hubby got ready to head over to church (He had a monologue in the Maundy Thursday service tonight), Punky MELTED. He had a FIT because we couldn’t go outside after we got home! (1) it was FREEZING frickin’ cold! (2) I had to unpack the groceries and (3) I had to make his dinner……….Yikes! He stomped and screamed and hollered for what seemed like eternity. (I actually chuckled a few times as his little stomp is funny looking and he gets so upset!) I basically ignored him until he settled down (after I told him that he could come and see me after he relaxed a bit). Then he ate dinner….no he DEVOURED dinner!
Kelly stopped over to bring “Blue” back. Blue is Punky’s blanket that he sleeps with, and we had forgotten it at her house when we picked him up this afternoon. It’s always fun to visit with her!

Shortly after she left, Punky hinted strongly that he was ready for bed! So, I got him ready…and did his little routine……I looked at the clock when I shut his door and it was 6:50 PM! (I think I’ll pay for that tomorrow morning when he gets up early!) But, he was pretty tired……must have been getting back into his daycare routine after his long travels this week!

So, I decided to come downstairs and hang my shelves (that we picked up on our Target trip). I figured 20 minutes and I’d be back upstairs cleaning up the kitchen! RIGHT?!????!?!?!?!

Not so……the first shelf went up easily. The second shelf went fairly well until while I was trying to finally attach it, it decided to fall…shattering the lamp below it (on my scrapping desk). That pissed me off! So, I screwed around picking up shards of glass………… EVERYWHERE! Hubby called to say he was on his way home. I quickly hung the 3rd shelf……..and then went back to the 2nd shelf……..and proceeded to split the wood a bit on the top of the shelf. Again……….pissed! Hubby came home and I was seething…this was going to be a 20 minute job! 😦

The phone rang, and it was Kelly…..so I talked with her while Hubby tackled hanging that damn shelf. (THANK YOU, SWEETIE!) I then cleaned up the rest of the mess and headed upstairs to clean up that kitchen………..3 hours later than I had planned!

Now, I am heading to bed……to read a bit….and then zonk…hopefully Punky will sleep until 7 AM tomorrow! (A girl can wish….)

Sweet Dreams!

One thought on “Shelves……who needs them?!?!

  1. Christina says:

    Yeah, I agree with you about the control you have when you travel with a car! Have a nice Easter!

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