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Life here has been busy!

Yesterday after school, I took Punky to get his Easter/Spring pictures taken…with baby bunnies! So, I head to daycare and change his clothes (into what my hubby calls Punky’s “poindexter outfit.” I say it’s ADORABLE!) We get to the studio, and Punky is clinging to me! I felt like the tree that a koala bears clings to! I shimmy him down my body and get him situated in the studio. As we are waiting for the photographer to get everything ready, Punky decides he wants to open the door and he wants OUT now! SO, I calm him down from that and point out the 2 bunnies in the cage. This distracts him enough so that I can get him back in his chair for the pictures. Meanwhile, the photographer is putting these god-forsaken ugly silk flowers and plush Easter animals in a basket next to Punky. If it were my choice, I would have nixed those from the photo…..but I let that go with the thought that this is her job and she knows what she is doing.

We start taking pictures, and Punky keeps turning to face me with this look like “Why are you ding this to me, Mommy?!?” We get a few pictures with the bunny hoppping around his feet while he sits in the little adirondak chair. However, my Punky is the biggest ham in front of cameras……usually. He always says “Cheese” and pinches his own cheeks when he sees a camera. He ALWAYS smiles and laughs when we take pictures of him. Yeah…..not the case yesterday! He painfully smiled a few times……then reached up for Mommy. 😦 I felt terrible! Then, when the bunny was out, Punky was so concerned about the second bunny that was left back in the cage. (The photographers switch back and forth between bunnies during a sitting.) He wanted both bunnies freed from their cage. This was quite a concern for the boy!

As soon as we finish out sitting (as Punky had had enough at that point), I gathered him up, and started to walk towards the door back out to the waiting room. As we passed the camera, he says “Cheese,” while smiling and pinching his cheeks! WHAT!?!?!? Where was that smile during the photo shoot?

So, we head out to the waiting room where Punky happily plays with one of those bent bead course toys that is screwed into a table top. He’s having a grand old time with another little girl who is in there for the bunny shoot. Then they call me to go view the pictures. Punky is perched on my hip in teh hallway while we stand at the computer terminal viewing teh proofs. As each proof appears on the screen, Punky animatedly points, smiles, and says “Me” and “Baby” at each slide. Where was this happy boy 15 minutes ago?

Then, my cell phone rings and hubby is near the studio. He has come from work to see the pictures before we all go home and eat dinner. As soon as hubby walks in, Punky is now a puddle melting on the floor. He has had enough! So, I hold Punky while Hubby views the proofs. Hubby holds Punky while I place our order. Punky wants to go home now. I pay for the pictures, and Punky wants to leave now.

All evening….Punky was all smiles……….and cute as can be! Where was my smiling boy during that photo shoot appointment?

I pick up the pictures and proofs on Thursday at lunchtime…….. we’ll see how they turned out.

When we do finally get home…the light is flashing on our caller ID informing us that we have a message.   It’s 5:43 PM.   I pick up teh messages.  My glasses are in (Punky broke my frames last week!) and they are open until 6 PM!  So I FLY out of teh house to get my glasses…with  few minutes to spare!   I also pick up Hubby’s contacts while I am there.  Then, I get home and my Uppercase Living order has been delivered (from my party on Feb 1st!).  Wow…..talk about everything happening at once!

Once I got back home and things settled down, Hubby fed Punky his dinner, and then we all went outside for the evening!   It was 81 degrees yesterday!   Minneapolis hit a new all time high record for the day!   WOW!  It’s March!  It was fun to watch Punky in awe of the outdoors!   He loves when planes go overhead; when doggies walk by; when motorcycles vrooooom; and when trucks drive by.

We went inside before 7 PM and got him all ready for a bath then for bed.  What a full afternoon!

4 thoughts on “Good Ol’ Murphy’s law…

  1. Comedy Plus says:

    What a cute little man, off to work in his hardhat.

  2. Donna says:

    What a great smile! Happy WW.

  3. Gene Bach says:

    Looks like he’s ready to head off for work.

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