Our Simple Pleasures

celebrating life one moment at a time

So, I happened on Thursday Thirteen when I was on Le laquet’s blog last week and I thought that would be a GREAT idea for my kids to do in Writing class on Thursdays! So, I introduced the concept today and had each of my students begin their “Thursday Thirteen” Notebooks. They each wrote thirteen things about themselves. In the next few weeks I’ll introduce topic ones like “13 reasons why I love to read…” “13 of my favorite movies…” etc.

I opened up the lesson with 13 things about me (taken from random spots on “100 things about me” [see link on left]) on the overhead. Then, as a class, they came up with 13 more things about me. Then. I set them free to compose their lists.

While they wrote, I wrote my first THURSDAY THIRTEEN (above) and posted it…

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