friday fatigue…

i cracked open the taxes file I have now and started entering my info online with Turbo Tax. I won’t finish tonight as I need some info from various places yet. But it’s nice to see that refund column get bigger and bigger as you enter all the information!

It’s DAMN cold outside! Tomorrow we won’t even hit zero! The windchill will be around 40 below! WHAT?!?!?!? Why do I live here????? San Diego is sounding REALLY good to me! (I’d even take a weekend in Miami to watch my Bears play!)

So, I am heading upstairs for some cheese, crackers, grapes, and wine…..and maybe a movie with Hubby.

3 thoughts on “friday fatigue…

  1. And I complained on the way home last night because it got down to 5 degrees ~ brrr! I know, what a wimp eh?

  2. Indigo: Merlot……… there any other? Hehehehee! 🙂 That’s my FAVORITE! I LOVE WINE!

    LeLaquet: You’re not a wimp! I would complain at 5 degrees too! Hehehehe! I hate the cold!

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