Our Simple Pleasures

celebrating life one moment at a time

Happy Birthday to my hubby! 🙂

We finally got some snow today! It first came down as rain, then freezing drizzle, etc. My friend and I left work in search of some solitude away from the raging hormones of 7th and 8th graders. We were warned not to travel by the school receptionist—she claimed she really wanted us back for the afternoon. But, the rebels that we are, we headed out in search of food. Since the weather was bad, we decided to stay in town on our side of the river (Mississippi) since crossing bridges can get tricky when icy.

So, we drove to Subway and noticed the entire area was pitch black. We walked in and were warmly and promptly greeted by 6 Subway employees.

“Welcome to Subway!” they chimed. They quickly added that we’d only be able to eat if we had cash since the electricity was out. Since we never carry cash anymore, we had to move on. My friend said maybe we should head back to work.

“No way! One more try!” was my reply.

I drove to Jimmy John’s and hopped out of my mom-mobile to check if we could eat there since they too were pitch black. “Of Course!” was their reply (and I was also greeted by seven or eight employees with “Welcome to Jimmy John’s!”). So, we sat down and ate delicious subs in the semi-dark (they did have windows).

We returned to school, a bit refreshed, but still tired since our bellies were full. An hour later during 6th hour, the fire alarm started blasting! WHAT?!?!? It was cold out! Who in their right mind would pull it?!?!?!?

So, I packed up hormonal 8th grade boys and took them outside in their skater t-shirts in the first wintry mix we’ve had this season. Need I say more? They were wild, rambunctious and crazy! And it was cold! Brrrrrr…… (turns out, no one pulled it……it was a faulty alarm in a tech ed classroom).

After school, I picked up Punky from daycare then came home. My friend called to see if I could pick up her little guy too since the traffic was horrendous. So, I packed Punky up and went back to daycare to get her little guy. Punky was so smiley and happy in the car that the baby was with us! He kept pointing to him and smiling while bopping his head to his Christmas CD. We came home and Punky immediately turned into a “jealous” sibling! Wow! What an eye-opener for when we have another one! Yikes!

Hubby opened his birthday gift tonight——XM Radio. It’s sweet! I can’t wait to get it hooked up! There was a sweet deal (“Sweet?” Come on…Napoleon!) on a second radio, so we have another one coming so both cars will have it. (that’ll make trips to Chi-town much more bearable than listening to the twangy country crap through Wisconsin!)

Well, I am beat, so off to bed I go…..it’s early….but tomorrow is going to be a LONG day! The last day of school before winter break……….Ugh!

p.s. I know I change themes too often…..but I get bored! It’s part of the ADHD my hubby has diagnosed me with!

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